Li Na led the strength of the club to wear wrist watch no suspense

Li Na capped the Australian Open, Nadal due to injury to the North, the former podium humor, the latter in the audience tears, the Australian Open the most moving picture than this. But even sad, Nadal in the photo when they do not forget to push the wrist watch, let it appear in front of the camera, showing the first game, advertising second, as the pain? Healing like. 2014 Australian Open rolex replica brand spokesperson, the Chinese tennis champion Li Na to 2-0 victory over Slovakia player Cibulkova, success aspirations to the championship. This is the first time Li Na won the Australian Open women's singles champion, is also following the 2011 French Open win, the second Grand Slam. With this victory, Li's world ranking will rise to third in the world. At the ceremony, Li Na wear Rolex Oyster Perpetual log type 36 mm watch, smiling to win his first Australian Open trophy. Li Na choose Rolex Rolex Oyster Perpetual Calendar 36 mm watch, the continuation of the traditional watch Rolex Rolex perfect process, the use of Oyster strap and 36 mm white gold case, bezel modified with diamonds, through the covered with anti- Reflective film blue crystal mirror can be seen decorated with a pattern of the dial and the dial has 6,9 Arabic numerals and date of the window, look full of personality, and coupled with the built-in high-seismic and anti-magnetic Parachrom And Paraflex cushioning equipment, tennis must-preferred. Although Nadal beat Roger Federer in the semifinals, he lost to Wawrinka in the final. Nadal in the podium on the tears, and in the photo, Nadal's action at least proved he was sensible: push the wrist on the watch, let it appear under the lens. This replica watches is to accompany Nadal "Southern War" RM027 Tourbillon Tourbillon watch, this is known as the world's lightest watch RM 27-01 its weight and technology enough to spike all other brands of competitors, But it can not eliminate the "pain." This is known as the world's lightest watch RM 27-01, weighs only 19 grams, but also includes the Tourbillon and Velcro ® strap included. Case is made of composite carbon fiber material case, the most weight of the movement, the bottom plate with titanium and called "Lital" special alloy, the movement is only 3.83 grams weight Tourbillon watch by four Cable connected to the case, braided wire rope thickness of only 0.35 mm. Combined with rigidity and toughness, this structure protects the total weight of only 3.5 grams of movement. The weight of the movement can be greatly reduced, mainly rely on the application of high-end materials: deck and tourbillon frame made of five titanium alloy, spring box bridge and gear mechanism Zeyi aluminum alloy. Federer in the 2014 Australian Open men's singles semi-final was Nadal 3-0 to return to Switzerland home, leaving the fee King is still very calm, in the subsequent press conference is also the performance of the atmosphere. But Jiangshan generation of talented people out, sympathetic or the best solution. Federer rolex replica and Li Na wore the same choice: brand endorsement. In the past five years, Wawrinka world rankings have been hovering in the world's top 30, but always missed the top ten. But the fame of a war he also took pictures when exposed his beloved watch, the original chronograph or chronograph, really minutes and seconds of the mood and attitude.