Product Launch

As per the market need for ‘value for money’ products we decided to launch our own label in 2020. Right from ideation of the product to its official release in the market, we have upheld customer requirement and tailored products inventively. Hence, in a short span since its launch, George Oakes products have gained the trust of customers and are quickly becoming a top-choice in the marketplace.

  • B2B sale of own brand products such as Lubes and Bulbs.
  • B2C sale of Car Sanitizers, which has become a reality after many challenging moments, post the pandemic.

Benchmark Excitement – Quickly following the successful launch of our brand, we were able to convince our target market on the quality of our products and had achieved a significant Sale of lubes and bulbs in the recent quarter (towards the end of the calendar year 2021). This Benchmark Sale accomplishment of our own privately labelled brand was a sheer milestone of Celebration.

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