Our Philosophy

First choice

By setting benchmark standards of distribution, customer care and products & services, we wish to be the first choice of all fleet operators, garage owners, traders, retailers, and any individual looking for spares.

Professionalism with Ethics

Professionalism with Compelling Ethics- GOL’s business environment is encapsulated in honesty, trustworthiness, transparency, accountability and loyalty. We display these appropriate professional actions, behaviours and measures through yardsticks for people associated with us

GOL believes in Micro Distribution

Aggressive expansion of Product Portfolio and Increasing the distribution footprint from time to time-is a sure way to reach all mobility customers far and wide. Our business is all about serving the aftermarket, we are here to intensify our distribution activities, throughout the length and breadth of our chosen territory.

Quick, Cost effective and Trust worthy

Being quick, cost-effective, and Trustworthy, has always been in our DNA- Adhering to the customer needs is our biggest strength. A cost-effective service and making ever-expanding range of spares available to mobility users through extensive network of sales offices and warehouses are going to be a continuous commitment for us

Creative Thinking

The GOL team has a highly dynamic problem solving approach. We are constantly automating our processes and deploying digital solutions for the challenging aftermarket part requirements.


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